Using FreeOCR

1.            FreeOCR (download here) is a free Optical Character Recognition software program that can take an input direct from a scanner or from an image file.  We generally use it to scan items from the monthly Newsletter as it is not produced electronically.


2.            This guide only covers working from image files.

Step By Step Guide

3.            Open FreeOCR.


4.            Clear right-hand text window

5.            Press Open and select the image you want to OCR.

6.            Click on the image and drag / expand the box around the text you want to OCR

7.            Click OCR button then click OCR Current Page – see below


8.            Wait while the OCR conversion is taking place.  When finished, the text will appear in the right-hand window.


9.            The OCR program can give some very odd results as it tries to recognise characters.  The results will need careful reading and editing.

10.          You now have a choice either copy the OCR text to:

a.            Word, using the Word button, the text is opened in a Word document, you can then edit it and copy to the website as normal.  This is what I do as Word provides better spell and grammar checking so fewer mistakes get through.

b.            The Clipboard, using the clipboard button, and copy straight in to a website article and edit as normal.