Harvest Sunday

We gathered to celebrate harvest recently for an all age service that explored the Jewish festivals of Pentecost and Tabernacles, both of which happen around the event of harvest within Judaism. By building a tent we learnt how, at the festival of Tabernacles, the people built shelters to remind themselves of the times when, instead of living in houses in the promised land, they lived in the wilderness in tents. We reflected on how they had a tent temple called a tabernacle which could move around with them in which they housed the ark of the covenant, so even when they were on the move God was at the very centre of their lives. Through this activity we learnt that wherever we are, God is with us by his Spirit. We brought our offerings and placed them in the tabernacle temple to remind us of the importance of giving not the leftovers in our lives, but the first fruits of what God gives us back to him, trusting in him to provide for all of our needs. In the evening we had a songs of praise service in which we reflected on the history of some of our favourite hymns with a harvest theme and how their writers expressed their faith. On Monday evening a number of us gathered together in the Church Hall for a harvest supper cooked by our brilliant catering team.